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Breast Friends Breast Enhancers [20-390-1]

Shape your pecs in to breasts with Breast Friends!

Great for girls who want to wear half cup (demi) bras. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to shape your pecs into breasts? Almost enough breast tissue to form breasts? Use Breast Friends Breast Enhancers to give you the extra you need!

For Use In a Demi Bra: If you need help to fill a demi bra and regular forms are too big, use Breast Friends to help fill the bra. This will allow your natural breast tissue to show above the bra.

As Breast Form Enhancers: Sometimes you will find that breast forms are just a little too small to fully fill some bra styles. Perhaps you would like to add more projection to your breast forms. You can use Breast Friends Breast Enhancers to fill the empty areas in your bra or place them behind your breast forms to increase projection

To attach your Breast Friends Breast Enhancers, see our Double Sided tapes or It Stays

See also Secret Shapes for more breast enhancement ideas.

Why we recommend our Breast Friends Breast Enhancers

Designed to give you about a cup larger when added to your natural breast tissue. This will depend on your body size and amount of breast tissue Also used to balance breasts if one breast is larger than the other.

  • Use with demi bras or full cup bras
  • The Large size weighs 4.4oz, is 5 ½ “ by 4” and has about 1 ½ inches of projection
  • The Medium size weighs 3.3oz , is 5 ½” by 4” and has about 1 inch of projection
  • Attach securely to your body using our double sided tapes-See important information below*
  • Keep in place with It Stays (not quite as secure as double sided tape)
  • Go braless with our double sided tapes
  • Don't need to attach? Just slip into your bra
  • Use in various positions on your breasts or breast forms for fitting options
  • Soft, realistic silicone feels like breast tissue
  • They warm to your body temperature
  • They look natural in sheer bras or swimwear
  • If your natural breasts are of different sizes, an enhancer can help you
  • Can also be placed behind breast forms for more projection and fullness
  • Pretty tote bags are included with your order
  • Guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for three months

Very Important: Breast Friends Breast Enhancers are NOT full breast forms. They are designed to enhance natural breasts and pectoral flesh by adding extra volume and projection. Results will vary.

Very Important: Do not use double sided tapes or other adhesives to attach Breast Friends Breast Enhancers to the FRONT side of silicone breast forms!

Use Double sided tape or It Stays to attach the enhancers to your skin or to Or the BACK of your breast forms.

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Breast Enhancers - Breast Friends Breast Enhancers [20-390-1]
$ 54 .56

Breast Friends Breast Enhancers ship from Australia.

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