Gold Seal Classic 1 1/2 Breast Forms

Gold Seal Classic 1 1/2 Breast Forms


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Classic 1½ attachable breast forms
  • Guaranteed to go braless!*
  • Reinforced ‘double-strength’ back membrane
  • Asymmetrical shape makes shoulders appear smaller
  • Works great with underwire bras & lingerie
  • Fully fills moulded cup bras
  • Looks great on all body types!
  • Made with SuperSoft silicone for natural jiggle & bounce
  • Moves and feels just like natural breasts!
  • Built-in gel filled nipples
  • FREE Double-Sided Tapes for attaching
  • One year warranty against defects
  • Designed for flat chests with no pec muscle or breast tissue for extra projection
  • Made in America
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Go for the gold with our Gold Seal Classic 1 ½ silicone breast forms
  • Guaranteed to withstand the use of our medical-grade Double-Sided Tapes*
  • The premium asymmetrical style breast forms come in left and right shapes for a perfect fit and feel
  • Gold Seal breast forms are made with 100% Super Soft silicone for the warmth, movement and feel of real breasts
  • They mold to your chest, with or without a bra
  • The shape fully fills your bra cup, with no empty side or puckered top
  • Mildly erect nipples add to the beauty and realism of the breast forms
  • Seemi-concave shape looks great, no matter how much pec muscle or breast tissue you have!
  • Includes a FREE VW24 Reusable Double-Sided Tapes for attaching to go braless
  • Our Double-sided Tapes easily attach your breast forms to your chest, and are easy to remove
  • No taxes on silicone breast forms saves you even more money!
  • FREE GROUND SHIPPING via UPS, USPS or FedEx. (Shipping method may vary depending on your address.)


SHOWN: Double-Sided Tape Kit includes 24 tapes and 12 reusable Skin Tac Wipes. Included FREE!

SHOWN: Gold Seal Classic 1 1/2 breast forms, size 8Also shown: Moisturizing Lipstick in Red Alert, and Elegant Moments Kira Open Cup Bra & Garter Belt Set in Black.

Only 100% Super Soft silicone is used in our Gold Seal breast forms. They look, feel, warm and bounce like natural breasts.

Gold Seal Classic 1½ attachable breast forms fit left and right. This asymmetrical shape has a curved wing that adds fullness towards your underarm, just like natural breasts. This fullness looks more realistic and helps make your shoulders look smaller and more feminine.

Our premier attachable breast forms are realistic, comfortable, and can be used with a variety of adhesives*.

Gold Seal Classic 1½ breast forms are made with our special double-strength membrane on the back, letting you go braless using our Double-Sided Tapes without risking damage to your breast forms.

This special skin makes your breast forms more durable and helps them last longer.

Our Gold Seal Classic 1½ breast forms can be attached to your body easily with our Double-sided Tapes. Best of all, using our tapes with our Skin Tac Wipes makes our tapes reusable and are not only great for your breast forms, but great for your wallet too!

The mildly-erect nipples are silicone-filled with natural coloring of the aerola. They look and feel very realistic.

Gold Seal Classic 1½ breast forms are mildly concave to fit perfectly over top of developed pec muscle or breast tissue, but they won’t collapse if you don’t have enough tissue. These breast forms are great for most body types.

If you have fully developed pecs or breast tissue, you may be better suited to our Gold Seal Classic 2 breast forms.

Breast Form Fitting Chart for:


Bra band size
32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54
Desired Cup Size AA Cup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
A Cup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
B Cup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
C Cup 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
D Cup 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
DD Cup 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
E Cup 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
F Cup 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
G Cup 7 8 9 10 11 12
H Cup 8 9 10 11 12
I Cup 9 10 11 12
J Cup 10 11 12

How to use this fitting chart: Intersect your bra band size (the number) with the cup size you want to achieve. Where the two intersect, that is the breast form size that will fill that bra. Example: 40C is a size 6.

Gold Seal Classic 1½ Size Chart (One side)
Size Weight Height Width Thickness (thickest part of the breast form)
Measured following the curve of the breast form
lbs / oz g in. cm. in. cm. in. cm.
Size 1 4.8 oz 136 g 4 ½ in 11.4 cm 5 7/8 in 14.9 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 2 7.4 oz 211 g 5 ¼ in 13.3 cm 6 ¼ in 15.9 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 3 8.3 oz 235 g 5 ¼ in 13.3 cm 6 7/8 in 17.5 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 4 9.6 oz 272 g 5 ½ in 14 cm 6 7/8 in 17.5 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 5 11.6 oz 329 g 6 1/8 in 15.6 cm 7 5/8 in 19.4 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 6 12.1 oz 343 g 6 ½ in 16.5 cm 8 1/8 in 20.6 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 7 13.9 oz 394 g 7 in 17.8 cm 8 ¼ in 21 cm 1 in 2.5 cm
Size 8 1 lb 4.5 oz 581 g 7 in 17.8 cm 8 5/8 in 21.9 cm 1 ½ in 3.8 cm
Size 9 1 lb 5.7 oz 615 g 7 in 17.8 cm 9 in 22.9 cm 1 ½ in 3.8 cm
Size 10 1 lb 9.7oz 729 g 7 5/8 in 19.4 cm 9 3/8 in 23.8 cm 1 ½ in 3.8 cm
Size 11 2 lb 0.9 oz 933 g 7 5/8 in 19.4 cm 9 5/8 in 24.4 cm 1 ½ in 3.8 cm
Size 12 2 lb 4.2 oz 1026 g 8 1/8 in 20.6 cm 10 in 25.4 cm 1 ½ in 3.8 cm

This breast form is eligible to be returned and/or exchanged. Returned and exchanged items must be unworn and in re-sellable condition. Tapes must not have been attached to the breast form in any way. For our complete returns & exchange policies, please click here.

All Platinum Seal, Gold Seal, and Silver Seal Breast Forms are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for one year from date of purchase.
Platinum Seal, Gold Seal, and Silver Seal Breast Forms are guaranteed against failure of the Double-Strength Membrane on the back side of the forms caused by double-sided adhesive tapes manufactured for and sold by The Breast Form Store and its affiliates. Skin Tac Wipes and It Stays! Adhesive are also covered in this guarantee, however the use of any other tape or attachment method will void the guarantee.*

Platinum Seal, Gold Seal, and Silver Seal Breast Forms are not guaranteed against abuse, punctures by sharp objects, excessive pressure being placed on them, excessive heat, or other actions that would not be consistent with normal wearing of a breast prosthesis. *IMPORTANT: While many of our clients are using other medical grade adhesives, adhesive sprays, medical grade tapes and removers with success, we regret that we cannot provide a guarantee if they are used. There are so many formulations of adhesives and removers that that The Breast Form Store is unable to test and guarantee them all. If you are considering any other method of attaching the breast forms than the products we provide, please do so with caution.

Please note: A very safe and easy adhesive remover is baby oil. It is safe to use with both liquid adhesives and double-sided tapes, as that baby oil neutralizes most adhesives. Apply to edges of tapes and slowly remove tapes as adhesive is neutralized. You will not be able to re-use the adhesive if it is removed with baby oil.


All claims under this guarantee require the return of the breast forms to The Breast Form Store. Breast forms cannot be returned without a Return Authorization Number. Please call us for an authorization number. Shipping charges are at the expense of the buyer. The guarantee only extends to the initial pair of breast forms purchased and not to any replacement forms issued to previous charges.

Gold Seal
Classic 1
Gold Seal
Gold Seal
Classic 1 ½
Gold Seal
Classic 2
Best for flat chests Best for almost flat chests Best for most body types Best for pec muscle or breast tissue
Little to no pec muscle Little pec muscle Little to some pec muscle Some pec muscle or tissue
Best for
>1 inch difference between your nipple and underbust measurement
Best for
~1 inch difference between your nipple and underbust measurement
Best for
1-2 inch difference between your nipple and underbust measurement
Best for
2+ inch difference between your nipple and underbust measurement
Not concave Slightly concave Mildly concave Very concave
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