Bras designed to work with breast forms for the most realistic, sexy look!

The Breast Form Store has very carefully chosen several bra styles that we know work for the crossdresser and transgender communities. These feminine brassieres are designed to not only give your natural breast tissue a lift and help define your body’s shape, but they also help hold your breasts or breast forms in place.

Our bras have shoulder straps which are not too short, or so thin that they are uncomfortable when supporting breast forms. The cups of the bras are chosen to fully cover your breast forms and blend seamlessly with your body. The band of the bras is wide enough to be comfortable and most have 4 rows of hooks for better adjustment.

Pocketed bras are a must-have style of bra for girls who are choosing to wear breast forms. These styles have built-in pockets in the cup to keep your breast forms in place, without using adhesives. Breast forms can be used in bras without using the pockets when using adhesives or for the feel of the breast forms against your chest.