Wig Cap Estetica Designs Mesh Wig Liners 2 Pack


  • Provides added comfort
  • Keep wigs from being damaged by bobby pins
  • Prevent oils from making wig greasy
  • Made in China
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The best-kept secret for wigs and hair pieces are wig caps. Wig caps prevent your wig from moving or sliding on your head, as well as providing added comfort. For bald or balding ladies, wig caps provide relief from the gentle scratching that occurs when a wig shifts. For ladies with longer hair, a wig cap helps secure hair up and away from your hairline without bumpy areas or using products like bobby pins, which can damage the wig.

Wig caps are an important part of wig care as well, as they prevent the natural oils that come from your scalp from reaching the wig. This prevents the wig from getting oily or ‘greasy,’ meaning that you will have to wash and reset your wig less often.

Never share wigs without using a wig cap and washing the wig thoroughly before and after use.