Estetica Designs EVETTE Wig



  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Made in China


Why we love it!
  • Created with a natural-looking synthetic fibre
  • Fashionable, chic and feminine style
  • Stretchy, full cap is designed to stay in place without adhesives
  • Lightweight, breathable, comfortable and easy to wear
  • Designed to eliminate pressure points
  • Easy to wash and requires no styling

Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept any returns on wigs except in cases where the item is faulty or is damaged in transit.

For more information, please read our shipping & returns information.

How do you care for synthetic wigs?

Our wigs are made with synthetic fibres that look and feel realistic. These unique fibres allow your wig to “bounce” back to its original style, and with proper care, your wig can last for years. Remember, your wig is like a delicate piece of lingerie; proper care will make sure it looks beautiful for years to come.


How do you care for human hair wigs?

Our 100% semi human hair wigs are the ultimate in quality; you can straighten, curl, crimp, and style the wig any way you choose! Take care of the wig as you would your own hair, with regular washes using a gentle shampoo, such as a baby shampoo. Do NOT use wig shampoos on a human hair wig as wig shampoos are formulated for synthetic wigs.


Tips & tricks for a beautiful wig
  • Before wearing your wig, take it out of the box and its protective hair net, and give your wig a gentle shake. This will help it bounce in to its style.
  • For the most comfortable experience, and to prevent your hair’s natural oils from wearing in to your wig, wear a wig cap every time you wear your wig. Wig caps also help keep stray hairs hidden beneath the wig.
  • Wash your wig on a regular basis; this helps to keep it looking new.
  • For a different look with the same wig, try using hair clips or pins, or brushing out some of the curls.
  • When you’re not wearing your wig, keep it in its original box or on a wig stand. Avoid folding the wig when storing, as it may cause crimp the wig.
  • Be careful wearing a wig around extreme heat such as hot ovens, barbecues or fireplaces. While the fibres used for your wig is not flammable and does not pose a threat, the heat can make the fibres frizzy or brittle.


How to wash and ‘reset’ your wig
  1. Brush your wig using a wig brush before washing it, and make sure to get out all of the tangles. Lay your wig on a flat surface. When brushing your wig, start by brushing the ends of the wig. When your ends are tangle-free, start brushing slightly from the middle of the wig, down towards the ends. When that section is tangle free, then start from the top of the cap of the wig. Brush slowly and gently. This will help to protect the fibres and will keep your wig from shedding.
  2. Fill your sink with cool or lukewarm water, and gently rinse your wig.
  3. Add a dash of your favorite wig shampoo or baby shampoo to the water. Swish your wig through the water, washing gently. Do NOT use regular shampoo, as it will weigh down the fibre, unless it is a human hair wig.
  4. Rinse your wig thoroughly using cool water to remove all shampoo.
  5. Lay your wig flat and allow to air dry thoroughly. Do NOT wring dry or towel dry, and do NOT brush your wig while wet; it can damage the fibre, preventing your style from returning to its original style.
  6. After your wig is completely dry, you can use a revitalizing mist or spray to condition your wig and add shine and bounce. You may also style your wig at this point.

Never use curling irons, blow dryers, straightening irons, or other heat-styling tools on a synthetic wig, as they are very likely to damage the fibre, unless it is a heat-resistant synthetic wig, like our Risqué wigs. Only our Risqué wigs are designed to be used with styling tools such as curling irons and straighteners.