AMOLUX Soft Brush


  • Designed to maintain adhesive on AMOLUX Diamond breast forms
  • Also safe to use with AMOLUX nipples
  • Sturdy yet ultra soft for gentle cleaning
  • Made in Germany


This is NOT a nail brush. This brush has been specifically designed to maintain the adhesive on your AMOLUX Diamond breast forms.

AMOLUX Care Soft Brush features ultra-soft yet sturdy bristles designed specifically for the gentle cleansing of your AMOLUX Diamond breast forms and AMOLUX Nipples. It is designed to give your breast forms a deep and thorough clean, extending the life of your breast forms and their adhesive.

Cleaning is an important step for preserving the adhesive of the AMOLUX Diamond breast forms, and all breast forms in general. Regular cleaning (before and after every use) helps to ensure the longevity for your breast forms.

NEVER use a nail brush or any other type of soft brush to clean your AMOLUX breast forms. Other brushes can severely damage your breast forms or built-in adhesives. The AMOLUX brush is specially designed not to damage the adhesive system, and is a requirement in the cleaning process. Any warranty will be void with the use of a cleansing brush that is not an AMOLUX Soft Brush.