Skin Tac Adhesive Wipes


  • Ideal barrier between tapes, sprays and your skin
  • Non-latex and hypo-allergenic
  • Increases the adhesion of tapes
  • Reusable
  • Easy to use
  • 50 per box
  • Made in USA


Skin Tac Wipes help double sided medical adhesive tape, silicone gel bras, and self-adhesive breast forms adhere better making them reusable!

Why we love it!

  • Reusable!
  • Non-latex and hypo-allergenic
  • Ideal barrier between tapes, sprays and your skin
  • Increases the adhesion of tapes
  • Help breast forms adhere better
  • Make adhesive bras new again
  • Easy to use and remove tapes and bras adhesive without discomfort
  • Skin Tac Wipes save you money in two ways:
    1. Less tape required when using Skin Tac Wipes
    2. Save money by reusing your adhesive tape!

Is your NuBra or other adhesive bra no longer sticky? Want to reuse your double sided tapes for attaching breast forms? Want a more secure hold for your attachable nipples? Just use our Skin Tac Wipes!

After removing breast forms from your body, do not remove tapes. Simply dampen them with a wipe and allow to tack up again. You will be amazed at how tacky the tapes are. Wipes can usually be used more than once. Be sure to store them in the re-sealing plastic bag and refresh with a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Results may vary.

Our Skin Tac adhesive wipes are easy to use. To make attachable bras and tapes stick better, simply wipe the area of your chest where double sided tapes or bra adhesive will come in contact with your skin. You will find the tapes adhere much better and you may be able to use less tape. Attachable bras will not let you down.


Skin Tac Wipes were originally designed to make tapes stick better to the body, increase adhesion and put a barrier between your skin and adhesives for those with sensitive skin. We discovered they also make tapes reusable and make attachable bras new again.

Use these wipes to rejuvenate medical adhesive tape! We are always seeking ways to help our clients save money. We discovered that not only do the wipes help tapes adhere better, they make the tapes reusable.