BodyShape Tape for Cleavage


  • Creates cleavage that stays in place
  • Hide sagging neck line and lift eyebrows
  • Lifts and shapes natural breasts
  • Waterproof
  • Made in Canada
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Say “goodbye” to duct tape! This is the tape to use in photo shoots when everything must be perfect. It even repairs damaged breast forms! BodyShape Tape is a very aggressive single-sided medical grade adhesive tape designed to adhere to your body and stay in place. This tape will not snap under pressure. If you have dreamed of a tape that will not let you down, Body Shape Tape is for you. Best of all, BodyShape Tape is inexpensive. Less than 60 cm of tape is needed to create cleavage.

Why we love it!

  • This is a very strong tape that will not snap under pressure
  • It adheres to skin better than any other tape
  • The best product for creating cleavage – that stays
  • Hide sagging neck lines and lift eyebrows
  • Thin, transparent and easily hidden
  • Waterproof!
  • Easily cut to desired length and width
  • Can also be used to repair breast forms and other products where a thin transparent adhesive is needed
  • Perform emergency repairs on clothing- including vinyl
  • Stronger, smoother and thinner than Tegaderm yet does not snap under pressure
  • Tape does not interfere with use of breast forms
  • Our Double Sided Tape adheres to BodyShape Tape for attaching breast forms

This single sided medical grade adhesive tape is made with a very strong adhesive that is designed to keep the tape in place under a variety of conditions. Full usage instructions included with your order.

For cleavage: Application is very simple. The protective liner is removed from the tape. About half the length of tape is placed on the area to be lifted. This area is then pulled into position and tape adhered to chest. These steps are repeated for other side of chest.

On necks and chins: Tape is applied to each side of neck & pulled back until desired result is reached. Application of tape is best in an area that will be hidden by clothing, hair, or wig, when the tape is drawn back.

For clothing and breast form repairs: The tape adheres to most materials. When using on plastic, vinyl or leather clothing, check for color fastness first.

Removal of Body Shape Tape: Removal is quite simple and painless. A little baby oil, or other body oil, is applied to sticky side tape during removal.

Do not use Body Shape Tape to attach breast enhancers, breast forms or other applications where removal of the tape may damage the item the tape was applied to. Use with most clothing items is not a problem.

IMPORTANT! In rare cases, users may have a reaction to the use of body adhesives. Should redness occur on your skin, it is advisable to discontinue use of tape until redness disappears. Should redness remain for an extended period, or reoccur with subsequent use of tape, discontinue use of the tape. If you have allergies to adhesives, it may be advisable to do a test with a very small amount of tape.