Tips & Tricks with AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms

AMOLUX Diamond attachable breast forms

Tips & Tricks with AMOLUX Diamond Breast Forms

Going braless with AMOLUX Diamond breast forms

AMOLUX Diamond breast forms aren’t designed to attach to go braless. Instead, they’re meant to hold themselves in place while wearing a bra or another tight fitting garment for additional support.

Depending on your body’s natural chemistry and the weight of the forms, you may or may not be able to go braless. We describe the forms as self-adhering rather than attachable for this reason. Not all of our clients can go braless with AMOLUX Diamond forms (compared to our Platinum Seal, Gold Seal and Silver Seal, which do have a guarantee to go braless).


Best Practices for washing AMOLUX Diamond breast forms

AMOLUX Diamond breast forms are naturally sticky on the back. Because of that textured, self-adhering design, it can depend on how you’re cleaning the forms as to how sticky they get.

We strongly recommend only using our Divine Collection Breast Form Wash with these forms. This breast form wash is gentle, and does not leave any residue behind that may affect how strong your Diamonds stick. We’ve had clients use hand soap or dish soap before, and lose stickiness after that wash. After re-washing with Divine Collection Breast Form Wash, they’ve been able to restore the adhesive nature of the breast forms.

AMOLUX Soft Brush for cleaning breast forms

As with any soap, it is very important to rinse your breast forms with lots of water. Anything that is left behind (especially if you are not using our recommended Breast Form Wash) can leave a layer between your skin and the adhesive backing. This layer will prevent you from getting the best hold possible.

One important step in making sure the forms are clean is to use the provided AMOLUX Soft Brush. (You can also order a back-up or replacement brush.) Gently scrub the back of the form, using the cleanser and warm water, in circular motions. This helps to lift off any residues or skin oils that are stuck on the back of the form, so that they’re completely clean on the back. Make sure to rinse the forms well under water to make sure all of the cleanser gets off the back of the forms.

Finally, let them air dry — do not put the foils on the back of the forms, nor should you towel dry or pat them dry. Both of these actions can cause fluff and fibres to get stuck on the back of the form. Following those steps should make a big difference as to how the forms become sticky.

Model in sports bra showing how to keep breast forms secure while being physically active

How long do AMOLUX Diamond breast forms stay adhered to the body?

It does depend on how long you’re wearing the forms, as well, as to how long they’ll be able to adhere to the body. If you’ve taken the time to clean the forms, and you’re wearing them with a bra to help support the weight, you should be able to go an extended amount of time (more than just a couple hours) with the forms. It does depend on the amount of perspiration you experience, so going out dancing while braless might not be the best idea!

If you find that you’re sweating extensively, odds are, the forms won’t stay attached very long. This is because the additional oils from your sweat creating a layer between yourself and the forms.

For this reason, we don’t recommend exercising in the AMOLUX Diamond breast forms, because, well, they’re not going to stay adhered without support. For additional support, you can use Skin Tac Wipes or Divine Collection Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray on the chest wall to help slow the sweat. This isn’t a cure that would help you against heavy perspiration (like from working out), but more from light perspiration from wearing the forms.

Also, keep in mind that you want to make sure your skin is clean and dry when you wear your breast forms. Do not use moisturisers, deodorants, or any other lotions. This creates a layer between your skin and the breast form, leading to a less-than-secure hold!


Why aren’t my AMOLUX Diamonds staying attached?

If you have been following all of the instructions for washing and taking care of your breast forms, a reason why your AMOLUX Diamond breast forms are not staying secure on your chest wall could be your body shape. This is normally identified by the top or side wing pulling away from your chest wall.

If you have too much pec muscle or breast tissue, the form is going to be pulled out of its natural shape in order to conform over your tissue. When a breast form is pulled out of it’s natural shape for this reason, the form will want to return from its natural shape, and the edges or wings will start to lift up from the body. It’s why we don’t recommend the AMOLUX Diamond forms for someone with 5 centimetres (2 inches) or more difference between their below-nipple and nipple measurements.

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